While in Goa for a short vacation recently, I tried the EMS Trng and was quite surprised by its intensity. I am a regular gym goer so was a bit doubtful about the claims of EMS trng but after the 20 minutes session I felt pain in muscles which comes after a full body heavy workout in gym. Would recommend EMS trng combined with resistance training for faster results to gain hypertrophy

- Gaurav Dalal

I wanted to join pilates for strengthening my core. I have been into fitness since last 15 years. First time tried pilates and in first session itself I'm in love with it..anyone can try it and will definitely feel the difference..highly recommended..

- Mahua Saha

One of the most innovative form of working out. I can already see & feel a difference in less than 2 weeks. It tones & strengthens the muscles & core. At the sametime it has also increased my flexibility & I feel completely relaxed after a workout. Can't wait to workout everyday. Savita is one great trainer.

- Tallulah Sequeira

Following a prolonged back injury, I was wary of joining any fitness class/ gym. So naturally, I was skeptical of attending even the trial class at Goa Pilates. But from the very first class, I felt the change. A couple of classes into it and my back was completely fixed. To add on to the excellent equipment, I could not have asked for better trainers than Mr. Rajesh and Ms. Savita. They are brilliant!

- Sarvesh Bakhale

I started pilates with the aim of strengthening my core and improving my agility. It turns out that not only I improved my core but also improved my posture. Really look forward to continue this form of workout. I'm training to be a better athlete.In my recent tournament, my body pushed harder than before, and if Savita and her trainers can help me achieve more then there is no better workout and place in Panjim.

- Ritika Gupta

Excellent form of fitness!! Just what I needed. Thanks Savita and Rajesh Sir for introducing Pilates to Goa. Keep going!!

- Janet D'Silva

People usually exercise with the objective of losing weight , but on the contrary Goa Pilates have given me gains instead. I've become more flexible, stronger, active and happy thanks to pilates. And as someone rightly said, a healthy lifestyle is not just losing weight, but becoming fit, flexible and energetic as well.The most and my favorite activity was the EMS. Burning 1200 calories in 20 minutes was a great experience.

- Kalpana Nair

I have been struggling with back pain due to bad sitting posture and long hours of working.I must say Pilates has been a savoir. The level of attention and expertise given at Goa Pilates Studio is way better than others. Savita Mam and her staff are really good at what they do , and they prescribed the right workout for me for my back exercises. In spite of taking only 12 classes , i see a lot of change in my body posture , and back pain .

- Samiksha Avnekar

I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions at Goa Pilates Studio. I truly looked forward to each session and I was never disappointed. The Team is very professional and knowledgeable and one feels confident to experiment knowing you are in safe hands. Congratulations and thank you for the lovely experience.

- Lavina Melvani

I started Pilates at Goa Pilates Studio in September 2019. From day 1, my experience here has been superb. Sheena , at the reception is very helpful, smiley and very prompt in her response to any query you may have. Miss Savita Dabas , who took my trial class gave me insight into Pilates and how effective it can be if done correctly. She totally motivated me to join and I didn’t have to think twice. It’s been a month and I feel stronger and fitter. Edna, the other instructor is great as she encourages you to try and push yourself more each day. I would highly recommend to join Pilates here and see your body and mind transform. Thank you Miss Savita, Edna and Sheena :)

- Ghungroo Shrivastava

Highly recommended form of exercise. Excellent trainers. Personal attention paid to each and every one.

- Sai Thakur

The best place in Panjim, staff is responsive and helpful, new modern equipment . My back recover in a one month. Reformer is my love)

- Georgina Cheremisina

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions at Goa Pilates. Savita and team are excellent...patient, sincere and very knowledgeable. The studio is state-of-the-art....spacious and well equipped. Would recommend it to everyone...whether you are looking for a full body workout, to relieve back ache, to lose weight or to increase flexibility.

- Seema Nayak

Love, love, love Goa Pilates studio. I enjoyed every session. After attending pilates classes, I saw a significant improvement. It has helped me to improve both strength and flexibility. In my experience, it’s great for everyone in every scenario. Would recommend pilates for strengthening your core.

- Ruchi Khandeparker

I Enjoyed each and every session at Goa pilates !!.Savita Ma'am and Team is very sincere , knowlegable and fantastic and they give personal attention which is very important .My body has become more flexible and i feel more energetic now 😊

- Shraddha Simaria

Pilates is a life changing experience for me and my husband . Muscle and core strengthening through pilates gave magical results. Feel much more active and energetic.

- Monica Dandekar

It’s a great place to go if you want to improve your health. I had a major spinal surgery and had a lot of nagging back issues which seem to have magically sorted itself out in just a couple of sessions here. Not that the sessions were aimed at reducing backache but it did disappear. I am going to be a regular now. What works for this place is the location, ample parking, brand new studio which is well appointed and spacious, smooth equipment and of course the trainers who are fantastic.

- Commander Abhilash Tomy

Pilates is moving meditation for your whole body. Pilates has dramatically improved my posture, strength and flexibility but it is also made me appreciate and respect the body I have - right now. Thank you Savita for all the changes I am seeing in myself - inside and out! Savita, her staff and the studio are all first class. Take the time to take care of yourself - check out Goa Pilates Studio.

- Nicole Connolly Bhatia

I was always waiting to learn pilates and when i heard about the new studio in town i joined without wasting much time... the experience is exhilarating...savita madam is an excellent teacher... her knowledge and enthusiasm about health and fitness motivates me to do better each day..pilates leaves no soreness ..is very effective on the core and most of all savita madam makes it worth learning .... the place is very well done.. the effect of the workout is very good .. and quick.. i am thankful to madam for all her support.. and wish her great success in her venture

- Dr. Preeti Kaisare

A gym with difference. A breakthrough in work out. A scientific exercise involves in toning muscles in a proper way.

- Ravindra Jadhav